Being charged with a crime is a very serious thing. If you’ve been wrongly or unfairly charged with a criminal offence, it’s very complex to try to handle it. We’re sure you know how confusing and difficult it could be to try to work your way through convoluted legal systems.

Not to mention the challenge of choosing a lawyer fit enough for your case and criminal charge.

But it doesn’t need to be frightening! We’ve studied some of the defining qualities of the most highly rated lawyers in our neck of the woods, and we’ve distilled them all into one simple-to-digest guide that will help to lift the big burdens off of your research (not to mention how your criminal charges will be handled), so that choosing a quality criminal attorney is now going to be a breeze for you, and your life is going to be easier.

Choose a Criminal Attorney Before Your First Court Appearance

A very important first step is to make sure you choose a criminal lawyer before your first court appearance. That way, your attorney of choice will be able to recognize every detail and see as broad a timeline of what happened as possible. It doesn’t matter how busy you are. Leaving even the slightest detail out could ruin your case, so to ensure someone will handle you properly, you need to choose a lawyer as early as possible so that you can trust they’ll handle your case in court just as you want it, even when you’re unable to be present.

The Best Crime Attorneys Are Confident

Wouldn’t you rather choose a lawyer that believes deeply in fair justice for people close to them, than one who only deals with criminal cases for the money? To make things simple, here’s an analogy: for any business owner or employee, the value and benefit they bring to their workplace or the world is pretty much in direct proportion to their passion for the niche in which they choose to work. Lawyers are no different. The great ones are driven by the mindset that they’re serving a purpose bigger than themselves.

Look for a Specialist in Criminal Law

This leads us to the next point. Choosing an attorney with this attribute could be a lifesaver.

Not only are excellent attorneys devoted and passionate about justice; they’re also devoted and passionate about justice in a specific legal area, because they’re able to set aside more time and resources to work harder (and smarter) at being really, really good at that one area. A generalist lawyer may be decent at working in multiple areas at law of once – corporate, crime, and family law to name a few – but there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to serve the most specialized legal needs to the level of detail you desire.

While generalists have the benefit of seeing a broader image, some tend to spread themselves more thinly over their multiple practices and are like a “jack of all trades and master of none,” as they take the same total level of initiative towards being decent at multiple practices at once, as specialists do at being exceptionally knowledgeable at once practice.

In this sense, it’s like comparing a family health practitioner to a brain surgeon. Brain surgery is much more difficult, and requires much more care & attention to detail, than the day-to-day responsibilities of a general practitioner. The philosophy of having a broader knowledge of one subject, versus knowing a broad variety of subjects, applies to everything.

When you choose a passionate lawyer that specializes exclusively in criminal defence, you’re almost certainly guaranteed to be served with the level of expertise and certainty required to defend you against the most dire and isolated of criminal convictions.Andrew Captan is a textbook example of this. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Mr. Captan is a lawyer who has exclusively spent his career serving people that have been charged with criminal offences, and his clients speak highly of the defence they have received from him.

It’s because devoted crime attorneys like Andrew Captan know offences on a municipal level, a provincial level or even a federal level, like the back of their hand. When you deal with an attorney who has a deep understanding of the laws governing your society, you know that your case is going to be handled very fairly and professionally. No question, no gray areas.

Trust the Criminal Attorneys That Service You Directly … No Middleman

The best criminal lawyers don’t delegate services to outside sources, such as students or legal assistants. Devoted criminal attorneys are very considerate about your wants and needs; they will keep direct contact with you and work cooperatively with you every step of the way to ensure that all the particulars of a case are dealt with to your satisfaction, if not beyond it. Direct service helps to lay a stronger foundation for the rock-solid legal fortress that we know you strongly desire to construct around yourself.

Choosing a Criminal Lawyer In Summation

Now that you know more about how to choose the best criminal defence, it’s time to take your newfound knowledge and take action NOW! You’re now ready and willing to arm yourself with the artillery that will protect you fairly and ethically from the most dangerous of legal pitfalls.