Gifts are special as they are,but with a nice wrap,they become even more special. If you are sick of those common gift wraps and generic packaging and you want to be unique with your presents this holiday,it is time to try something new. Here are some wrapping ideas to help you make really nice gifts for your loved ones.

Lace it up

Lace creates a nice texture and gives another dimension to even the plainest wrappers. Simply layer it on top of a plain paper,add a nice satin ribbon,and you have a really nice present. Laces come in different colors so try mixing and matching them with colored wrappers.

Add evergreen sprigs

If you are running out of time and all you have is a boring piece of brown craft paper,simply use it to wrap your gift box. Then get an evergreen sprig from outside and hot glue it on top. You can turn it into a mini Christmas tree to liven up your present. You can add stars and circle cutouts to make it look fancier. A pinecone would be a perfect addition,too.

Use a photo gift tag

Want a unique gift tag? Use a photo of yourself and your giftee instead. It can be anything from a super random selfie or a cute throwback photo of the two of you. What’s nice about this is you add a personal touch to your gift,making it all the more special and awww-inducing.

Use stamps and stencils

Again,if all you have is a plain brown paper for the wrap,you can make it look great by creating patterns and designs. You can either use stamps (store-brought or perhaps carved from a carrot) or stencils and craft paint. Just feel free to experiment until you find a pattern or design that works for you.

Whether your gift is handmade or something you bought from an online gift shop in Hong Kong,it is really the thought and effort you put into it that matters. Try these gift wrapping ideas and see how your loved ones would react once you hand your presents to them.

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